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World-renowned visionary author/educators, and a wonderful, amazing, new, global television media, combine forces to profoundly change people's lives and the world for the better. It is with the greatest of pleasure that I introduce Mastery Television. Forward-thinking visionaries and people of goodwill from all walks of life are lauding Mastery Television, calling it an unprecedented force for good. The mission of Mastery Television is to uplift and enrich humankind and transform people's lives, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially, and advance human awareness, by providing the world's most superlative, life-enriching and life-changing educational programs. To achieve those objectives, Master Television has combined the power of the world's most powerful and influential communications technologies . . . the Internet and television. All men and women of goodwill who are concerned about the welfare and future of Humanity, and all who are working for world peace, to expand and elevate human awareness, and to help constructively transform the world, will love Mastery Television, will be deeply moved by its vision and mission, and will want to become involved in some capacity in this powerful, vitally needed, enlightening, life-enhancing and life-altering public media. I urge you to take a serious look at, and become involved with, this unprecedented and unparalleled new media. By becoming involved with Mastery Television, and introducing it to everyone you know and Love, you can become even more instrumental, perhaps on a far grander scale than you currently may be, in uplifting and enriching people's lives and changing them and the world for the better. Since the announcement, less than a week ago, word about Mastery TV has spread around the world. Tens of thousands of people from dozens of countries have already taken the Tour at and registered as members. Every hour thousands of more people hear about Mastery TV. The people who are putting the word out are building a database that they will forever earn an extraordinary, ongoing, lifetime income from. It is incredible to watch it grow! It's growing like a forest fire fanned by winds and out of control. It proves how powerful people's desire is to help change the world for the better. Don't miss this unprecedented opportunity. Tell everyone you know about Mastery TV, before someone else does ... the word is getting out FAST!! You can register today for free.

You'll instantly be given your own Mastery TV website. Send everyone you know to your personal link/web site. Click on the following link to check out Mastery TV and to register for free  LINKhttp://masterytv/spiritseeker1 if the link does not work please type the website address out) Enter your personal details, "take the tour!" and become a member. You'll be glad you did. Enjoy! Click on the top-right "HELP" button for details of the world-renowned authors and educators behind Mastery Television! May the Force be with you and yours and fill all your days with Love and all things beautiful, uplifting, inspiring and life-enriching.

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People are saying that becoming a member of Mastery Television at this time may very well prove the equivalent of acquiring Microsoft shares in its pre-launch phase! Please, check out Mastery TV today. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.LINK